Newgrounds App Update

2013-07-20 14:01:42 by 727411

Just updated the Newgrounds app! Has a bunch of new stuff! Sorry that it opens up the music and forums pages in a full screen browser. You can always just run the app in safari or whatever browser you use and you don't have to deal with it. Once again, here's the addres:

My Newgrounds App

2013-07-06 11:57:17 by 727411

Hey Newgrounds! If you want something new, I created a Newgrounds App! Check it out on your mobile devices at Feel free to post comments on what you think or things I should improve.

EnV Vee

2013-06-06 15:54:25 by 727411

Hey Everyone! Envy Finally Release Vee! Although it does not show up on his page, it is on soundcloud. So Head on over and check it out! Here's the link:EnV Vee Just an FYI, i'm also on soundcloud. So Check me out at Endro32.


Time_Black Hole Remix

2013-04-07 19:13:21 by 727411

So, I got hooked on all the remixes of Hans Zimmer's Time from the movie Inception. I decided to make a remix of my own, and I hope to have it out within the next few weeks or so. I'm calling it the Black Hole remix, and it follows the space theme I've been into recently. Keep watch! :-)